Can Facebook Graph Search Disrupt the Google Habit?

Can Facebook Graph Search Disrupt the Google Habit?

New online marketing presentation schedule

Scott BrennanPresentations on Local SEO in San Luis Obispo County

Local SEO expert Scott Brennan is giving five presentations on Local Search Optimization in the next few months throughout San Luis Obispo County.


Web design in Paso Robles


Google Business Photos in San Luis Obispo


iPhone maps are bad for business

iPhone maps are bad for business

Access Publishing launches online marketing service

Access Publishing launches a new online marketing service for small businesses in San Luis Obispo County. It helps companies rank better in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp and other internet directories.
The internet marketing service, called Local Search Optimization, is the key for small businesses to improve online presence.

Yelp matters to your business

Yelp matters to your business
By Scott Brennan, Access Publishing
Yelp is emerging as a leading local search, user review, and social networking site. It boasts 71 million users per month, where many use the site to help make purchasing decisions.
Over 100 new business reviews are posted on Yelp every day in San Luis Obispo County.
Take those 100 new daily posts and pair them with thousands of locals who use Yelp everyday; it makes sense why Yelp is critical to your online marketing strategy.

North County Access awards best in business

Leading local business directory North County Access, produced by Access Publishing, recognizes several local businesses with a “Best In Business” award for their work in insurance, real estate, mortgage lending and financial services in North San Luis Obispo County, CA.
North County Access is a phone book and yellow pages serving Paso Robles, Atascadero and Templeton, CA.

New internet marketing specialists join Access

Access Publishing welcomes two new internet marketing specialists to help serve our clients.  They bring expertise in the field of web marketing, local search optimization, SEO, Google+, Google Maps, Google Adwords, Facebook, graphic design, web videos, press release writing and more.